How Accurate is MinyanCast?

How often is MinyanCast wrong by more than 3 degrees? How often does the company predict things within one degree of actual temperatures?

Data below is for January 2021.

How Often Was MinyanCast Off By 3 Degrees or More?

MinyanCast did that for only 6.5% of forecasts.

How Often Was MinyanCast Correct Within 2 Degrees?

MinyanCast did that for 87% of forecasts.

What Was MinyanCast's Average Inaccuracy?

On average, MinyanCast was within 1.15 degrees of the real temperatures from that day.

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Survey Results

Data below is from a poll of forecast email subscribers.

The survey results are from March 24 until March 31, 2021.

Q: How Accurate Are Our Forecasts?

83% Said Within 1 Degree

99% Said Within 2 Degrees

Q: What Percentage of Accuracy Would You Assign To Our Forecasts?

17% Said 80-94%

83% Said 95% or Better

Overall, over 99% Said They Felt We Were 95% Accurate or Better.

Here is what one of our many happy customers says:

The parenthesis are part of the original review this person gave

"I really like the extra information given about what to expect for the day (and the next few days). It gives a better view for me than the 2 or 3 different apps I use - each is good in one area but not others, and your forecast emails give me useful and interesting information."

-H.G. from Baltimore

What is MinyanCast's Long-Term Accuracy?


This is calculated by comparing all of the 151+ forecasts from January 1 through May 31 (2021) to the real temperatures recorded in the area from 4 automated stations. Then, the percentage of forecasts that were accurate was calculated.